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AMU Vest offers both vocational education and training (EUD) and labor market education (AMU), as well as the 2-year contract training as a scaffolding engineer. AMU-Vest is Vestjylland's leading center for adult and continuing education, and one of our most important tasks is to ensure a wide range of educational programs adapted to the local business community.

We have developed our course forms so that they even more match the business needs of flexible and individually adapted solutions at a high professional level. With the increased flexibility in the course forms, we are equipped to meet the demands made by the companies for us.

With us, your employees will experience an environment characterized by talented intermediaries, a high degree of participatory influence, open communication paths and unique opportunities to exchange knowledge and establish professional and social networks with other students and students.

Therefore, AMU-Vest helps to strengthen the business community every time a student leaves the center.

AMU-West's mission is:

AMU-Vest is a business school with the main focus on course activity for short-educated adults.

The vision for AMU-Vest is:

AMU-Vest will

  • ensure short-term skills so that they can maintain and expand their connection to the labor market through competence development as well
  • ensuring the access of companies to qualified labor

Focus areas

AMU-Vest works with safety and the environment as a significant and priority area for action. It is for us that as a supplier to industries with a focus on safety, the environment and the working environment, we must set a high standard and contribute to the present and future employees supporting such a security culture. Work is ongoing on this process.

As an institution, AMU-Vest will reflect a typical workplace culture: We have an adult environment where our diverse industry areas must resemble what you as an employee meet in a workplace. That is why creating practice-based learning at eye level is our stated goal. It is a clear focus area to maintain a wide and varied range of education programs that reflect the labor market we serve.

As a representative of the adult and continuing education system and as a host institution for a WEU center, AMU-Vest will be ambassador for ensuring that both young people and adults achieve the best opportunities to improve their skills by means of continuing education and competence development. It is thus also a focus area for AMU-Vest to influence the ongoing debate on how we best shape and develop the labor market and the workforce for the benefit of the area's companies as well as the individual. AMU-Vest and VEU-center Vest will continue to be proactive partners for the social partners.

We offer vocational training (EUD) within the subject areas:

  • Civil engineering and building instructor
  • Port and terminal worker
  • industrial Operator
  • surface Processing
  • Produktør
  • Service Assistant and Cleaning Techniques
  • Road Freight

We also offer labor market education (AMU), among other things. within:

  • scaffolding Construction
  • Height Rescue
  • Security
  • Construction and construction area - with special emphasis on sewerage
  • surface
  • Cleaning and service
  • Crane and transport
  • IT, warehousing and logistics
  • Personal development

Training standards

  • Sea Survival


  • Working at Heights


  • Fire Awareness


  • Manual Handling


  • First Aid



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